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The following are letters from families and friends of residents of the Home:
        Our Aunt Peggy Smedley called Record Street her home for eleven years. She moved to Record Street home in June 2003 so that she could be closer to family and we could watch over her in her “golden years”.

        One of the gifts of The Record Street Home was that the staff stayed consistent for those 11 years which gave great comfort and companionship to Aunt Peggy. The nursing staff was exceptional and went above and beyond our expectations in caring for her.

        The Big Sister program was a special added touch that provided many extra activities that brightened their day and gave them something to look forward to.

        One of the things Aunt Peggy especially enjoyed was sitting outside in the garden, so beautifully planned and maintained by kind volunteers.

        She also looked forward to her meal time with the Ladies in the beautiful dining room. It is often decorated for special occasions and the kitchen staff went out of their way to make tasty homemade meals.

        Aunt Peggy loved music and they had many musical activities and programs which she gladly participated in. Record Street also had groups that often came to entertain the residents, which the residents thoroughly enjoyed!

        We all felt that our Aunt was well taken care of and we never had to worry about her care. We are so very grateful for Record Street Home. It was a wonderful blessing for our family.

Jan Washko & Geanie Henley (nieces) - February 2015

        In 1998, my Mother was living alone, over 700 miles from Frederick. Several years earlier, she and my Father had left Atlanta and begun their retirement in the small town where my Father had spent his childhood. The move had been a happy experience for my Mother; but, my Father’s death in 1994 had left her hours away from her nearest daughter. Although she was very active and totally self-sufficient, we knew there would come a day when that would no longer be the case. I am so thankful that a friend had told me about Record Street.

        When we visited for the first time, we knew that Record Street was a unique and wonderful place. My Mother returned to Georgia after the visit, excited about the possibility of becoming a resident at Record Street. She began making plans to sell her house, pack her belongings, and move to Frederick. In October 2001, she made Record Street her home.

        For over ten years, my Mother was able to enjoy all that Record Street and Frederick had to offer: She played saxophone in two bands – Harmony and the Frederick Community College Ensemble; she was a tutor with the Literacy Council; she volunteered at the Frederick County Library; she played water volleyball with the senior group at the YMCA. She even learned to ride on a Segway at Gettysburg! And, all the while, she was enjoying a worry-free life at Record Street – no worrying about meals, home repairs, or living alone. Record Street was her home; she was living with “family,” not just living in a different house.

        At 91, more and more of her time is spent at Record Street. And, how fortunate she is to be so at home there. She is not a stranger to the caring staff. She can enjoy the relationships that have had years to develop. And, she and all of our family have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that she will not need to make another move as she requires more assistance.

        Record Street has been an extraordinary place, a true home for my Mother. And, now that an assisted-living environment is necessary, she is already “home.” There is no doubt that by moving into Record Street as a very active senior, my Mother gave herself the best of both worlds: a home in the middle of a vibrant downtown and a secure, worry-free future. And, all of us – my Mom, my sisters and I – know how fortunate we are that she made the decision to make Record Street her home.

Kittybelle Hosford - April 2014

        I would like to testify to what I believe to be tender, loving care at The Record Street Home in Frederick, Maryland.

        Three members of our family were residents there at the same time beginning in 1987 - my husband's mother and aunt, and my mother, who lived there until October 2000. I visited there daily, at different times of the day - mornings, afternoons and evenings. Sometimes I entered by the front door, sometimes by the rear day. I never observed anything but tender, loving care.

        I have been impressed by the activities offered the ladies - games, speakers, teas, etc. The Director of Resident Services always provides activities for the ladies. The nursing staff is excellent and is aware of special care that a resident might need. I have also been impressed by the Board of Managers and their care and improvements to the building, as - well as the-residents. Each Board member has a-particular -resident to-visit-regularly and - provide transportation when necessary.

        I recommend this home to anyone who would like a beautiful, pleasant place to be in her later years. Call and make an appointment to visit. You will be assured that it is a very special place for your loved one.

Joyce M. Dixon - August 2013

A copy of a note recently received from a friend of one of the residents follows:

Dear Friends,

        What a lovely visit I enjoyed on Sunday afternoon in your gracious Home! I thank you for not only that pleasant time but also for all of the years that you have provided a loving home for so many worthy women. You are a haven of love and caring - a true example for the world today.

With appreciation,
Mary Jane Wilson - August 2013

        The experience my mother Marie had at The Record Street Home during the final 10 years of her long life can only be described as wonderful. This magnificent facility is situated in a historic and quaint part of the very lovely downtown Frederick, Maryland, surrounded by government buildings, small offices, many churches, a beautiful activity-filled city park, numerous restaurants and great shops.
        The people associated with RSH are some of the nicest I’ve ever met anywhere. The food, the cleanliness, the variety of activities and the attitudes of the staff and board members were all outstanding. Marie’s ongoing and ever-increasing care was second-to-none. They did things for our mother that none of my family could have possibly come close to doing. The love they gave her was contagious.
        Her fellow residents were all well adjusted to their home and shared an amazing sisterhood, which I always found heart-warming. During every one of my many visits I felt as if I had a dozen or so adopted aunts, all of whom made me feel very special.
        At first, Marie jokingly referred to the other ladies as “inmates”, but that quickly faded. Most became like family to our family, which gave us all the great comfort of knowing that our mom was among people who truly loved and appreciated her, as she so deserved.
        I thank all the people at The Record Street Home from the bottom of my heart for the wonderful last ten years you gave my mother and the comfort you gave my family. You will always hold a special place in our lives and we’ll always be eternally grateful for the good memories you have given us.

Mark Stevens – August 2012

        Words cannot express my family’s heartfelt gratitude for the tireless efforts on the part of the entire staff of the Record Street Home for the Aged. My family and I feel truly blessed for having had them as a part of our life and my Mom’s life for eight years. There is truly a loving and caring atmosphere that envelops you from the first moment you enter the home. Everyone from the volunteer greeter at the front door to the kitchen staff, nurses, aides, Big Sisters and board members make you feel like you are part of one big happy extended family. Their calling to care for the sick and infirmed is extremely noble and the members of my family have never witnessed it done anywhere with more kindness and compassion. The Record Street Home for the Aged is a true gem within Frederick County.

Michael Wade, Son of Mildred Wade

        My mother spent ten wonderful years at RSH. She continually expressed how happy she was there and how she was kept busy interacting with other residents, working on crafts, etc. She was an outgoing person, but did not always have a lot of self confidence and tended to concentrate on her ailments before entering RSH. All of this changed once she moved in. She became an "actress" in the RSH Players, led devotions, became official card-sender, crocheted for the craft bazaar and made many many good friends. She often talked about how quickly someone would be there to check on her if she only sniffled! She felt she was in very good hands and so did her family. Record Street is not a typical "assisted living" facility. Just the atmosphere of a Victorian Home, with its beautiful parlor makes the residents feel they are not in a "clinical" environment all of the time. I'd recommend RSH to anyone, but prepared to live a longer time than you might have otherwise, because the good care they receive, as my mother was 90 and that is young compared to some!

Susan Roth Smyers

        I am so grateful that my Mother spent her last ten years of life at Record Street Home. She chose to move to Frederick after spending twenty independent retirement years in Florida. She recognized that her need for assisted living care was looming in the near future. Record Street Home uniquely provided that and life care.
        The home is located in beautiful, historic, downtown Frederick. Mother's room overlooked Baker's Park. Meals were served three times a day in the formal dining room. There were many activities including crafts, card games, rides in the country, visits to the mall, a strawberry festival, Bible studies, sing-a-longs, special programs, and always a "big sister" to spoil you with attention. The opportunity to make new friends in her waning years of life filled her days with happiness. I, too, felt a part of the Record Street family being able to visit anytime and enjoy the fellowship of residents and staff. Afternoon visits with Mother in the garden remains a treasured memory for me. I would encourage you to visit Record Street Home for a taste of excellent retirement living.

Kathy Gerard, Daughter of Sara Ashbaugh

        My mother lived in the Record Street Home for over 10 years. I say "lived", instead of "stayed," because it really is a home, not just a place to stay. Many places, unfortunately, are merely "warehouses" for old people. Record Street has very much a "home" atmosphere, a cozy home. It was converted from an impressive private home and was recently expanded.
        Two large parlors are appointed with period furniture, a piano, paintings and antiques. High ceilings give all the rooms’ spaciousness and plenty of light. A large recreation room has tables for games, computers, library, large TV, lots of potted plants, and lively aquarium.
        Doors open to a lovely Victorian-style garden with plenty of seats to sit and ponder. Flowering trees and bushes attract butterflies and birds.
        As you may guess, I visited often and was invited to Holiday and Birthday meals, and sometimes when the kitchen staff planned to cook a meal I especially liked and informed my mother.
        I became acquainted over time with several cooks. All were caring, health conscious, and obviously took pride in their profession. The serving staff was always kind and personal and took great interest in the "Ladies." A "family atmosphere" prevails.
        This extends also to the nursing staff, all great professionals, but with a personal touch. Appointments are made with physicians and specialists outside, but some specialists come to the Home on a regular basis.
        The Activities Director, Brenda, fills the week with special events, musical activities, visiting performers and speakers, games, but no pressure is applied to participate on a regular basis. For those who are unable to attend religious services outside, services are scheduled at the Home. Some attend both.
        Now, why is this Home so different from many others? First, it is a non-profit organization. It is set up to serve the "ladies," not the shareholders. Secondly, generous citizens of Frederick County saw the need and established an endowment to cover some of the costs. But, most importantly the Home has always been well managed by the leading ladies of the County, the "Board ladies."
        I have met many of them and am deeply impressed. I also serve on Boards of non-profit organizations, but the Record Street Board is very unusual. Good management can be seen in all successful organizations; otherwise they would not be "successful." But, the Record Street "Board Ladies" go far beyond. They take a personal interest in every "Lady" (resident). They take them shopping, to medical appointments, errands, etc. etc. My mother received gifts for Holidays and was invited out to homes.
        As a result, on average, the "Ladies" live way past expected "life-expectancy." Centenarians are not uncommon among them. One authored books when she was past 100. That gives "Record" Street Home another meaning. Perhaps comparative life-expectancy would be a realistic measure of quality of care. If so, Record Street would set the record.

Illar Muul

The following are excerpts from residents' statements when asked “Why did you choose Record Street Home to live?”

“It is the best of any other Homes! Stress free and truly caring staff. Transportation as needed. Medicines and physical needs by professionals. Good environment, food, activities. I couldn’t ask for more and am very happy to have made this choice five years ago.”

“The Record Street Home was my choice of my care and needs...” “Good food, good care and recreation.”

“I am so glad I came here to live out my day.”

“A very good neighbor and friend was coming in here and told me about it. Since I couldn’t drive any more and had to depend on someone to take me every where because of failing eyesight I decided it was for me. Mostly for security.”

1. Location-downtown Frederick gives a person many options
2. Financial-situation much better than paying monthly fee
3. Large enough to have all the services but small enough for a resident to know staff and staff know resident
4. The Christian influence and studies”

Another resident was told by a friend, “Record Street Home would be a nice place for me, I would get good care here, and I do get good care.”

“More like home. It’s clean without the odors so prevalent to nursing homes. The nursing care is always there. Managers are available to help with any problems that arise. Food and medical supplies included ….. no extra cost.”

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