The Record Street Home - Frederick, MD
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We believe in the best possible care for your loved one.

The day your loved one enters our home, their health care needs are met twenty-four hours a day by our licensed nursing staff in our comfortable community atmosphere.

Examples of regular healthcare provided for your loved one:
  • Routine checks are performed by our own home physician
  • If a condition warrants a specialist, an appointment is made and     transportation with a companion is arranged
  • Medications are dispensed by staff so none are missed
  • Eye, foot, and dental care are also provided

    The Record Street Difference
    The Home will pay all of your medical bills not covered by Medicare or your other medical insurance, including bills for prescription drugs. When the need arises, long term care is provided in private rooms near the nursesí station, meaning that your loved one can continue to live in the same community and receive the care they need.

    In addition to the high quality health care we provide, we also give your loved one piece of mind as many day to day tasks are handled by our caring staff. The removal of these stressors improves the quality of life of our residents.

  • The Record Street Home
    115 Record Street
    Frederick, Maryland 21701

    PHONE 301-663-6822