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The financial benefit offered at Record Street Home is exceptional!

Understanding the cost of care for your loved one is very important as you review assisted living options. Common questions, such as “Do we have enough?” or “What happens if we can no longer afford the care my loved one needs?” can create anxiety and uncertainty. Record Street Home takes the guesswork and uncertainty out of planning for your loved one’s care by allowing you to make an investment in your loved one’s future—guaranteeing excellent care in a caring community of fellow residents and staff.

The Record Street Difference
At Record Street, if your loved one’s assets don’t cover their cost, our program will subsidize the balance for the rest of your loved one’s life, removing the fear of running out of funds.

If, for example, you have assets of $150,000 and your monthly income is $1000, at a facility costing $5,000 a month, your assets will be depleted in 3.25 years. At most assisted living facilities, you will be asked to leave.

We encourage you to use these resources to investigate the average costs of assisted living through the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) Long-Term Care Cost Calculator.

The income collected from the residents supports only a portion of the operating expenses. The dividends and interest from an endowment fund, managed by a separate eight-member Board of Trustees, support the remainder of the budget, allowing the Record Street Home to subsidize the difference between what our residents pay and the cost of their continued care.

The Record Street Home
115 Record Street
Frederick, Maryland 21701

PHONE 301-663-6822